One Touch Ultra Test Strips - Generic Alternative?

One Touch Ultra Test Strips - Generic Alternative?

According to the Center for Disease Control, approximately 30.3 million Americans have diabetes. That’s 9.4% of the U.S. population. With nearly 10% of the country requiring medical supplies to treat this disease, it is becoming more clear that affordable options for these supplies must be made available. 

Johnson and Johnson’s OneTouch Ultra Meters dominate the diabetic testing world as the top notch brand. While many people can afford the initial cost of the meter itself, it becomes a monthly burden to keep up with the cost of the strips. With the average box of OneTouch strips costing upwards of $75, many customers are asking themselves where else they can go to find inexpensive testing strips.

Generic FDA cleared and compatible strips are often sold for less than $10. With an average of 85% in savings, more and more customers are putting their faith in generic companies. These generic strips are subject to same FDA accuracy standards. 

The average box (both name brand and generic) contains a total of 50 strips. If you break it down, that means that diabetics are paying $1.50 per strip for OneTouch Ultra Blue glucose test strips and less than 20 cents for the generic. The figures here speak for themselves. 

Many generic strips are available over the counter. If a diabetic falls on hard times and is without health insurance, they do not need to be worried about being denied the supplies they need to survive.

There are several different types of generic companies that are producing these strips. Two FDA approved companies on the market right now are Unistrip1 and GenUltimate. Both are compatible with OneTouch Ultra, OneTouch Ultra2, and the OneTouch UltraMini meters (purchased prior to 2016). However, Unistrip1 which has been called the leading generic alternative to the OneTouch Ultra strip, also has the ability to use its own brand name control solution to perform control testing. These strips are ideal for people who cannot afford high copays or those who need to buy medical supplies with cash. 

Some direct-to-consumer companies sell these generic versions at an even lesser cost if you purchase a subscription package. For example, StripSupply, a Boston-based company, sells the Unistrip1 and offers free shipping on monthly orders.

As a diabetic, testing your blood glucose levels often is essential to maintaining good health. One cannot do this without the proper supplies, and generic testing eases the financial burden. Generic strips allow individuals to focus on their health first and foremost, which is where their attention must be in order to have the best quality of life. 

Too many people have sacrificed testing their glucose levels because they didn’t have enough strips left or were saving some for the remainder of the month. This is a tragedy. Individuals should never have to go without the care they need solely because they cannot afford the astronomical amounts of the name brands. 

Saving nearly 90% on test strips means diabetics will confidently be able to test blood levels regularly, ensuring better overall health.

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